Herbert Marcuse Archive

In the Information Age, the conditions for Critical Theories of Society have changed. With this Web Site we are trying to supply material on the topicality of Herbert Marcuse's critical thinking in this changing, but still capitalist world as well as digital versions of some works of Marcuse.

We have an introductionary text on some aspects of the topicality of Marcuse's thinking (both in English and German):

Christian Fuchs: On the Topicality of Selected Aspects of Herbert Marcuse's Work

Christian Fuchs: Zur Aktualität ausgewählter Aspekte des Werks Herbert Marcuses

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NEWS: We have published a book (in German) that contains three essays on Herbert Marcuse and a longer work on self-organisation. Click here for details.


NOTE: As I am not able to do regular updates on this
websites, most of its content will be offline from August 21st,
2003. The essay about the topicality of Marcuse - which is to my knowledge the only comprehensive work discussing Marcuse's thinking in relationship to the emergence of informational, network capitalism - and One Dimensional Man will remain online.


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