Human Computer Interaction Group

Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology

Putting people first in designing technologies that make a difference.

  • Music Audience Participation

    Prototyping a distributed smartphone performance in the Breaking The Wall project.

  • Think-M

    Prototypes from the OutsideTheBox project.

  • Game-based Learning

    Students play a board game they created during the Sparkling Games project

  • Interactive Visualisation

    Lineup Tests with Maps, VALCRI project.

  • Social Connectedness

    Software prototype from the Give&Take project.


TU Wien
Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology
Forschungsbereich Human Computer Interaction
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1040 Vienna
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Der Aufzug im Gebäude wird repariert. Die Arbeiten sind ab 25. November 2019 eingeplant und werden voraussichtlich 5 bis 7 Werktage (also bis 5.12.) dauern. Während dieser Zeit kann der Aufzug leider nicht benützt werden.

The elevator in the building is currently down for repairs. Repairs will begin on November 25th 20199 and is planned to take until around December 5th. During this time the elevator can't be used.