The group

Our Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) group seeks to merge relevant technical / engineering and social sciences research with a practical contribution to the design of technology particularly mobile, tangible and sensor-based technologies. The multidisciplinary group combines disciplines like informatics, engineering, psychology, sociology, medical-informatics, design and media arts. The research application areas are on end-user's inclusion & participation, acceptance & adoption of new technologies, motivations and experiences of users, ethics and social impact of information & communication technologies.

The group applies interdisciplinary, cutting-edge methodologies in order to conduct user requirement analysis, co-design new technologies through participative design processes and evaluate technologies in use through a mix of lab and field based, short and long-term, user studies.

The HCI group at the Vienna University of Technology is part of the Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology. {Note, what was the Centre for Applied Assistive Technologies has been folded into the HCI Group].


For reservations of Seminarraum 187/188 please have a look at the online booking schedule first and then write an email.

We usually don’t lend our books of the institute's library out, but you are invited to drop in and sit in our library to browse and read through them. We do maintain an online catalog of our books where you can find which books we have. You can also search for books at the university library of Vienna University of Technology

There is also the IGWiki containing a lot of information around conducting and disseminating our research, as well as practical pointers (some areas are restricted to group members).