Find out all about the lectures and courses we are offering using the central teaching administration system TISS.

Core lectures offered by our group include the following:

We also offer varying seminars and supervise Praktika, bachelor theses and master theses - get in touch with one of us directly via mail if you are interested – you can find our research areas and e-mail addresses under “people”, as well as some open Topics below.

Peter Purgathofer

Peter has listed his currently open thesis topics under

Katta Spiel

Katta has listed their currently open thesis topics under

Janis Lena Meissner

If you are interested in any of the topics, please contact Janis Lena Meißner.

Beyond the listed projects she is open for other thesis ideas that tie into the agenda of digital inclusion of “non-technological” people. More specifically she encourages thesis work that aims for making:

Kay Kender

I only offer supervision for bachelor theses.

Areas and topics I can offer support and guidance in are Critical and Speculative Design, Participatory Design, Qualitative Methods, Design Research Methods, Design with Children, Storytelling, Technology and Disability, Technology and Nature, Technology and Mental Health, Neurodivergence, and Feminism and Design Justice.

This means that you can approach me for projects where

You can feel free to ask about other related topics or areas though!

Geraldine Fitzpatrick

I am not taking on any more Masters or Bachelors thesis supervision, unless in a supporting role with another supervisor. This is because of my impending retirement and the number of existing thesis students to see through to completion before then.