I've completed a Bachelor's degree in Medical Informatics at TU Wien and am now working on my Master's in Media Informatics while working full-time as a Python Backend Developer for

. * Personal blog: * Professional page: === ## Work * Python Backend Developer at . * Technician of HCI group 2013-2020 * UX Design for a project for [CPB Software AG](https://www.cpb-software.at/) April–July 2014 * Former Technician of [Urban Strategies](http://urbanstrategies.at/) from 2008–2013 ## Studies * Currently: MSc. in Media Informatics at UT Vienna since 2020 * BSc. in Medical Informatics at UT Vienna 2007–2020 * Cand. Dr. med. at MU Vienna 2010–2011 In his spare time works on [barcraft.at](http://barcraft.at/), [esports.wien](https://esports.wien/), creating graphics and organising barcarafts and tournaments. Plays in a band or two. Spends too much time on side projects. Loves to climb and is also an active member of the Austrian Burner community. There are too little hours in the day.

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