Isabel is a PhD student in the TrustRobots Doctoral College. Her research on trust in human-agent interaction focuses on care and healthcare contexts. Isabel is interested both in qualitative methods (including participatory design) and in natural language processing to explore trust in sensitive contexts. She has a background in Social Sciences - International Development Studies (Mag.), Chinese Studies (BA), and Software Engineering (TU Wien, finishing her BSc). She studied both in Vienna and in China, where she has conducted ethnographic field research and qualitative interviews for her master thesis on ethnic tourism and gender in southwest China. Isabel also participated in a Mandarin summer school in Taiwan at the Chengchi University in Taipei as part of her studies. Before joining the Doctoral College, she worked as a language teacher for people from China in Vienna (2015-2017), and at the department of East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna (2017-2018), where she has conducted natural language processing in the context of social unrest.

Isabel's research interests include HCI and HRI in care and healthcare contexts, trust, qualitative methods and participatory design, digital divide, culture and context in HCI, designing for long-term collaboration in dynamic environments.

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