Naemi Luckner works at the Vienna University of Technology with a focus on game design, e-learning and sharing technologies. She has contributed work to various projects in these fields, such as ‘Aurora’, an e-learning project with the aim of letting students take responsibility of their own learning process; ‘Give&Take’, a project about creating a platform for skill and knowledge exchange within a neighbourhood; 'Lebensnetz', a game to help overcome cognitive decline through a mix of playful activities; or 'Mirror' a project developing an interface for physical therapists to use in their practice and games to motivate patients to repeat their physiotherapeutic exercises.

She is currently working as a senior lecturer at TU Wien, teaching "Ways of thinking in digital technologies" and leading the research project "Peer Review in Large Classes". She also teaches "Web Design" at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and "Level Design" at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.

Naemi Luckner is also a game designer, has worked on the game 'Hueshift' with the independent game studio All Civilized Planets and has participated in Global Game Jams, which resulted in the games ‘Massive Machines Like The Sun’ and 'Stag Runner'.



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