Petr Slovák holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology/Sociology in addition to bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Science. He started his PhD at IGW in 2011 and is funded by the DOC Fellowship from Austrian Academy of Sciences.

His research focuses on support for teaching of social and emotional skills in educational and therapeutical settings, with a sequence of recent publications furthering this research agenda (TOCHI, CHI, 2x CSCW) in the last 2 years. Drawing on his multidisciplinary background, Petr has experience with designing and conducting both qualitative as well as quantitative studies, and enjoys combining them to take advantage of the different types of questions they help answering.

As part of his PhD project, Petr has built collaborations with researchers from Microsoft Research Seattle (US), Cornell University (US), University College London, University of Nottingham (UK), Newcastle University (UK), Philips Research (NL), and Committee for Children (US).


  • Research fellow on the OEAW DOC Fellowship
  • Visiting Researcher at Committee for Children
  • See current CV for more details

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