I am a senior researcher focusing on novel participatory methods for designing technology for disabled people. I am currently Principle Investigator of OutsideTheBox and soon be leading its successor project SocialPlayTechnologies

Keywords: Human Computer Interaction, Participatory Design, Assistive Technology, Autism, Ubiquitous Computing

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T +43 (0)1 58801 18725

Current Position:
Postdoc research assistant (October 2014 - )

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Forschungsinteressen/Research Interests

Audio Games (Games with no visuals), Games, Haptic Interfaces, Interaction Interfaces, Sound, Sound Models, Tangible Interfaces, Virtual Reality


Argentinierstraße 8, 2. Stock A-1040 Vienna, Austria

Sprechstunde: Mi 10:00–12:00

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Naemi Luckner works at the Vienna University of Technology with a focus on game design, e-learning and sharing technologies. She has contributed work to various projects in these fields, such as ‘Aurora’, an e-learning project with the aim of letting students take responsibility of their own learning process; ‘Give&Take’, a project about creating a platform for skill and knowledge exchange within a neighbourhood; 'Lebensnetz', a game to help overcome cognitive decline through a mix of playful activities; or 'Mirror' a project developing an interface for physical therapists to use in their practice and games to motivate patients to repeat their physiotherapeutic exercises.

Naemi Luckner is also a game designer, has worked on the game 'Hueshift' with the independent game studio All Civilized Planets and has participated in Global Game Jams, which resulted in the games ‘Massive Machines Like The Sun’ and 'Stag Runner'.

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Petr Slovák holds a bachelor's degree in Psychology/Sociology in addition to bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Science. He started his PhD at IGW in 2011, funded by the DOC Fellowship from Austrian Academy of Sciences and was awarded his PhD in March 2017.

Thesis: Supporting the development of social-emotional competencies through technology

His research focuses on support for teaching of social and emotional skills in educational and therapeutical settings, with a sequence of recent publications furthering this research agenda (TOCHI, CHI, 2x CSCW) in the last 2 years. Drawing on his multidisciplinary background, Petr has experience with designing and conducting both qualitative as well as quantitative studies, and enjoys combining them to take advantage of the different types of questions they help answering.

As part of his research, Petr has built collaborations with researchers from Microsoft Research Seattle (US), Cornell University (US), University College London, University of Nottingham (UK), Newcastle University (UK), Philips Research (NL), and Committee for Children (US).

He is now on Schroedinger Fellowship by the Austrian Science Fund, based at UCL and also collaborator on the TEAM ITN research project in our HCI group.

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Research Assistant (2017--)

Romana Jakob did her Bachelor's degree in Business Informatics and is currently writing her Master Thesis at the IGW institue.



  • MSc in Business Informatics at TU Vienna since 2016
  • BSc in Business Informatics...

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Simone Kriglstein, studied computer science at the Vienna University of Technology and graduated with distinction in 2005. Her thesis dealt with “Visual Perception and Interface Design”. She received her Doctoral degree (Dr. techn., Computer Science, with distinction) from the University of Vien...

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