The Centre of Visual Analytics Science and Technology (CVAST) is one of the Laura Bassi Centres of Excellence. The goals of CVAST are twofold. The first goal is the integration of the outstanding capabilities of humans in terms of visual information exploration with the enormous processing power of computers to form a powerful knowledge discovery environment. The second goal is to scientifically assess the usability and utility of such discovery environments while bridging the gap between theory and practice for selected application scenarios. To achieve these goals we cooperate with several partners from industry.

IGW Team: Margit Pohl (contact person for IGW), Simone Kriglstein, and Nikolaus Suchy

ISIS Team: Silvia Miksch (project management), Wolfgang Aigner, Roger Almeida Leite, Bilal Alsallakh, Markus Bögl, Christian Bors, Davide Ceneda, and Theresia Gschwandtner

Partners: Math.Tec GmbH, Smart Engine GmbH, Erste Group IT International GmbH, TDE Thonhauser Data Engineering GmbH, and Ximes GmbH

Project website:

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