Less routine monitoring tasks for nurses and gaining more time for compassion and personal care taking for people with dementia.

Project Homepage: http://www.diana-project.eu/

Team: Paul Panek, Peter Mayer

The objective of DIANA is to improve the life and safety of mild to severely cognitive impaired persons 65+ while assisting nurses and care givers by providing novel technological solutions. The enabling technology will analyse action and behaviour changes while ensuring data privacy. Furthermore, the project will study innovative ways how our data can be seamlessly integrated into the nurses working routine with the goal to free valuable time for personalized care. For mild to medium impaired persons the project is going to research means how to assist and guide people in activities of daily living. One activity where this will be tested focuses on toileting. DIANA has the unique goal of increasing people’s autonomy and digitizing nursing assistance in this highly challenging area.

The project DIANA started in February 2020 and runs till January 2023.

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