The iToilet project addresses older persons who are living independently at home and the needs they have when using a toilet.

Project Homepage:

Team: Paul Panek, Peter Mayer, Georg Ehrenfels

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TEAM (Technology Enabled Mental Health for Young People), is a 4-year Innovation Training Network (ITN), funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions initiative. There has been considerable research and many commercial products for improving physical health. However, the use of technology to support mental health lags far behind. The aim of the training network is to deliver new applications and technologies that support rapid, large-scale early assessment, prevention and treatment of mental health issues in young people.

As part of the TEAM project, the HCI group focuses on design, development and evaluation of technology-enabled, evidence-based programs, which aim to empower young people and help them to build resilience and care for their own mental health, thus reducing mental health difficulties and improve their wellbeing.

At the HCI group, there are two individual research projects:

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RISIoT (Risks of the Internet of Things) is a market analysis and risk assessment to accelerate the adoption of the Internet of Things in Austrian enterprises.

Team: Peter Mayer, Geraldine Fitzpatrick Project Partners: IDC Central Europe GmbH, Austrian Institute of Technology - Digital Safety & Security Department, Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft

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