RISIoT (Risks of the Internet of Things) is a market analysis and risk assessment to accelerate the adoption of the Internet of Things in Austrian enterprises.

Team: Peter Mayer, Geraldine Fitzpatrick Project Partners: IDC Central Europe GmbH, Austrian Institute of Technology - Digital Safety & Security Department, Oesterreichische Computer Gesellschaft

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The iToilet project addresses older persons who are living independently at home and the needs they have when using a toilet.

Project Homepage:

Team: Paul Panek, Peter Mayer, Georg Ehrenfels

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LARAH (Location-aware Assistant Robots At Home) aimed at providing older persons with an assistive robot, to provide support and safety in their own homes. This project developed a visual indoor localization solution for mobile assistive robots. The advanced localization technology proposed in LARAH will improve the assessment of the own position of the robot, and support tasks such as, finding and bringing objects, opening doors, and in finding persons in case of an emergency (e.g. fall).

Team: Marjo Rauhala, Paul Panek, Katharina Werner, Peter Mayer, Chris Frauenberger

Project Partners: AIT, Blue Danube Robotics

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